This week’s tool:


Slack is a chat app on steroids.  If you’re using a Facebook group or text message thread to communicate with your team, imagine being able to group your chats: communication projects, personal needs, funny comments, feedback, stage design ideas or communications about your upcoming volunteer banquet.

Slack includes different “channels” – chats based on topics.  When you upload a file, like a proof for instance, other users can comment on that proof so you know how to make revisions.

Slack also comes with multiple add ons, so you can find an app for finances, expense tracking or communication integrations.



Dan asks a great question about how to build a communications strategy.  For us, we’ve built our strategy based on 3 concepts: Branding, Marketing and Advertising give us the opportunity to build trust in every interaction. We call this TrustGlue that makes people stick around when they see we’re living out our values.  Download our free ebook here:



Have a church communications question you’d like answered? Ask it here.  We’ll reply to all of them and pick a few for our podcast!



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