This week’s tool:

Katie Allred ( joins us to share about sip which allows you to grab the hex code for any color on your screen.

Micheal asks about how to reach people in your area who are ready to hear about the Gospel:

Ryan Holck from joins us to answer Michael’s question.  Using targetted Facebook and Google ads, direct invitations to learn more about the gospel based on these 4 ideas:

  • Keyword
  • Topic
  • Location
  • Type of Audience

Build ads to target those people. If you’re not sure where yo start, start with Facebook with $5-10/day for a few days. If you’re seeing results, continue the campaign.  If it’s not getting the results you’re looking for, adjust and retarget.

Focus on sending those people to a specific ministry, not just generally “come learn about us” but “come connect with this group that is addressing the issues you’re looking for more information about.


Looking for more information? Here are a few blog posts from Ryan about Facebook and google advertising:


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