Author: Adam McLaughlin

Framing a Message Quote in a Picture

I like to take quotes from the weekend’s message and use them on Social Media.  It’s pretty easy to pull these quotes out if you’re listening to what quotes people respond to or tweet themselves.  I have the opportunity to tweet on behalf of Life Church during service, so I’ll use this   Images get much more engagement than a text quote, so I like to find images that reference the content of the quote, or an actual image from that person to use with the quote. More than just including some text on an image, I like to...

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Maximizing Digital Signage at Church

It’s not out of the ordinary to have projector screens & LCD or Plasma TVs in your auditorium or through your church building, but many churches miss the opportunity to capitalize on the reach that these screens have.  For instance, we have screens in our auditorium for lyrics and scriptures during service. Before service, we use them as a 20 minute countdown to service starting.  During that 20 minute countdown, we have various screens on a 7-second rotation.  They include silencing your phone before service, moving backgrounds with our logo, follow along with us and download the YouVersion Bible...

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Photo Resources for Design

Photo choices can make or break your design.  The right photo can convey your message perfectly.  The wrong photo can distract or confuse the person looking at your image.  It can be tempting to just Google an image and pick something from the search results, but there are photographers that use the sale of stock photography to make a living.  It’s not only unethical to use photography that’s meant be sold, but it can land you in a copyright infringement situation with that photographer or their representatives. Plain and simple: Don’t do it! Thankfully, there are a few economical...

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Using Service Images as Backgrounds

There’s something to be said for familiarity. When people see something they recognize, there is less processing or consideration or trust needing to be built.  Recently I was asked to create a presentation that was time constrained and included a shift in focus.  To instantly build a trust connection, I used an image that I took with my iPhone at a recent service:     My opening slide was simply this picture with our logo imposed – just 2 layers in photoshop.  In this case, our Life Church logo is already familiar to the people I was presenting to.  This...

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