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Trust Glue: 11 ways to create a first impression that sticks

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What is Trust Glue?

Have you ever had an experience at a church or business that didn’t quite sit right, but you can’t put your finger on why? This sensation is likely your response to a breach of trust: Their self-proclaimed values weren’t consistent with your experience.

Trust is like glue that makes someone stick around. Be true to yourself and live that out through your branding, marketing and advertising, and you’ll create trust that sticks.

Book-onlyWould you find it strange if you went out for a nice steak dinner at a high-end establishment, and they offered a $1.49 burger being served by a waiter in a tuxedo. Why is it not strange if you saw a $1.49 burger at a drive thru? Is one right and the other wrong? No. Simply put, your expectation wouldn’t match your experience. One of those restaurants is not being true to who they are, and that waters down their trust glue.

If you can sum up your experience with “I thought I was getting this, but they did that instead?” then it’s a trust issue. “They advertised having the best chef in town, but my chicken wasn’t cooked properly,” or, “The sign says they’re a loving church, but not one person was smiling.” Or “Aunt Gertrude said the worship leader sings like a bird. She was wrong.” In this case, the trust is more like water than glue; It doesn’t make you want to stick around.

Every opportunity that someone walks through your door is an opportunity to build and strengthen the trust glue, or dilute the glue. The difference between a visitor coming back and never returning is whether or not they trust you after their experience.

Trust Glue is stickiest when your branding consistently matches your marketing, and is relayed accurately in your advertising; When your church’s values (branding) matches how someone experiences your church (marketing) and what they heard you say about your church (advertising)…


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