Some things are decided (like what time your service will start) and some things are discovered (like how many people are actually interested in coming to a potluck.)

Deciding is when the ball is in your court.  Discovering is when it’s in their court.

magnifyingglassDecide how many time you’re going to try posting on your church’s Facebook page.  Discover if that’s how many times people want to hear from you.  Then decide how you’ll adjust your Facebook frequency, and discover if that shows an improvement.

If you just decide and execute, you may never hit your sweet spot.

Decide when your service starts. It would be a poor choice to say “We’re having service on Sunday” and wait to discover what time people show up to start service.

Decide or Discover:

  • easelDecide what your values are.  Discover how you can live those out so people will be receptive to them.
  • Decide what time you will start service.  Discover what can be done to encourage people to be there on time.
  • Decide your office hours. Discover when you people are trying to connect with you.
  • Decide what events to promote. Discover what events people actually want to hear about.
  • Decide you’ll send out a regular email newsletter.  Discover the frequency people would like to be sent emails and what they would like to see included.
  • Decide how you’ll ask people to volunteer.  Discover which methods work best.

Have you ever been a situation where you got these backwards?  A time when you made a decision when you needed to make a discovery?  I’d like to hear what you learned in the comments:



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