A bun with nothing on it

It was a warm Canadian summer day, just perfect for a family picnic in the park. It was so perfect that there was a light breeze, birds chirping and I'm pretty sure I saw a unicorn. We set up under the shade of a maple tree and pulled out our meal to eat. Our oldest,...

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How to sell a parachute to a penguin

Let's say you're going to sell a parachute to a penguin (stay with me on this) and all you know is that a penguin is a bird. That is 100% fact. You strike up the conversation like you're talking to a sparrow or flamingo or seagull; after all, you're talking to a bird....

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Stage Announcements and my new Ebook

I've been silent for a little while... no blog posts, email newsletters or podcasts coming from the "Church Marketing Ideas" world. It's because I've been reading "Be Known For Something" by Mark MacDonald and it shook up my perspective of what I can contribute to the...

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