Author: Adam McLaughlin

Nona Jones, Facebook: Go beyond content and build connections at Big Idea Nashville

Only 2% of 100 million facebook groups are faith-based. 74% of people find a faith-based community meaningful. Facebook’s recent algorithm change held nothing back in showing that they would be focussing their algorithm on changes on making meaningful connections from people to people, rather than businesses or organizations.  Nona Jones is a Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook, leading a department helping faith-based communities grow and make connections on Facebook, and recently spoke at to 200 church communicators (and I got to be there!) According to Google, every month there are more than 30,000 searches of “Church online” or “online church”...

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3 easy steps to overbrand your church programs

Over-branding in your church is a serious deception. It seems fun or slick or enjoyable to brand your Wednesday night service as “Mid-week Recharge” or brand your youth service with an acronym like “Bibles And Radical Fellowship” (BARF) or your parenting class as “Mothers And Fathers In Action” (MAFIA). 20 years ago, this caught on as a cool idea. A lot of people came to church during the week as a social event, to fill their evenings or to nap in the back row while their kids threw water balloons in the parking lot. If you told them you’re...

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Stop holding pointless meetings!

Have you ever surveyed the people who’ve left your volunteer team? Maybe you oversee your Social Media team or live production or digital marketing or kids or ushers (or something else). Have you ever considered that maybe some people are leaving your team, not because of the task assigned or friction with team members, but maybe they’re leaving because of pointless meetings… I’m not saying don’t have meetings or don’t get together with your team, but the operative word is POINTLESS meetings – the meetings that make people roll their eyes, wish they’d stayed home and disengage while thinking of...

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Build a volunteer team that grows itself

It’s never fun when a volunteer doesn’t show up, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Less than a year ago, if someone quit or didn’t show up, it was too easy for me to get overwhelmed, BUT by the end of last year, my team had grown from 18 to 35 volunteers, and I only trained 10 of them – the rest were trained by existing team members. Now I’m not scrambling to cover missing positions AND trying to recruit and train new team members. If you build confidence, your team will grow itself....

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Best FREE Church Communication resources for 2018

These are in no particular order, but some of the best FREE resources to take your church communications game up a few notches in 2018. I’ve used these myself and continue to use them as our team grows through 2018. These tools are not meant to your church communications job for you, but to enhance your strategy to most effectively communicate with your church and reach your community this year. Do you have a free resource you love that missed the list? Leave it in the comments at the bottom so we can all learn together! Church Communications Facebook Group At last count, this group has 14,342 people talking about everything from branding, marketing, design and lots in between.  Some are church staff and some are volunteers. It is THE ‘ask anything’ group for church communications. If you’re not part of this group, click here to request to join and stay updated with the latest by joining their email newsletter.  That Church Summit A free, online conference focussing on everything digital, from Justin Dean and Van Baird, creators of That Church Conference. Summits happen at different times through the year. Register for free for the next That Church Summit by clicking here! Starting by a commitment to add 10 new FREE photos every 10 days, is now growing much faster than that. This library contains everything from landscapes...

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