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What inspires a guy to write an ebook about our church’s stage announcements?

I have realized that stage announcements are not a necessary evil, but a communications opportunity.

In the business world, it would be a dream come true to have the opportunity, even for just a few minutes, to have all of your clients attention at one time every week to communicate information. In the church world, we have that opportunity with our people during stage announcements, but we often waste it by reading an emotionless list of events with the same level of energy and enthusiasm that we’d use to read a grocery list, instead of capturing everyone’s attention and inspiring a response.

I’ve realized that announcements aren’t a time to list what’s going on, but an opportunity for me to play my part in moving forward the communication strategies and culture we’re creating as a church.

Announcements are an opportunity for the people – some who have been a part of our church for 30 years and some who have been here for 30 minutes – to learn or be reminded of what your church is all about, from a voice other than your Pastor, and learn about new ways to get connected.

Your stage announcements could be exactly what someone needs to hear to get connected outside of your regular weekend service to build friendships and grow in their relationship with Jesus. For that person, your presentation makes all the difference.

The complaints I frequently hear from church communications teams often boil down to this: People don’t respond to our announcements. Rather than writing off the potential in announcements, I’ve found some strategies that have increased the responses we’re seeing. if you adopt these ideas… …your stage announcements can inspire a response!


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