Graphic Design

Using Service Images as Backgrounds

There’s something to be said for familiarity.

When people see something they recognize, there is less processing or consideration or trust needing to be built.  Recently I was asked to create a presentation that was time constrained and included a shift in focus.  To instantly build a trust connection, I used an image that I took with my iPhone at a recent service:




My opening slide was simply this picture with our logo imposed – just 2 layers in photoshop.  In this case, our Life Church logo is already familiar to the people I was presenting to.  This is 2 layers to familiarity:



Since this was the opening slide to my presentation, I went in ahead of my presentation, and put this slide on the screen so that when my presentation began, the people in the room had already ‘lived’ with this image for a few minutes.


From there, I moved onto introducing my topic and how we are going to talk about an opportunity for a cultural shift.  I took the same image, added a 10px Gaussian Blur in Photoshop (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur…) then added a text layer (Myriad Semibold).  Playing off of the already established familiar image meant that we could cut straight to the heart of the topic: