Somewhere out there someone said it’s a great idea to post something every day on Facebook.  Then someone in leadership heard it.  Then someone said, “Hey if it’ll work on Facebook, it’ll work on Twitter and Instagram too!”  Then you were recruited and it got added into YOUR job description.

We’ve all done the obvious posts, and then hit a wall of creativity.  I wanted to create this list so you can refresh your creative juices with some ideas and have no excuses for 31 days.  At the end of the month, start back at the top of the list – 31 days from now, no one will remember what you posted!


  1. Choose a scripture that your pastor used last week.  Create a graphic with the scripture and reference on it. (need a free graphic design tool for social media graphics? Try Canva!)
  2. Promote a team that is recruiting volunteers.  Post a picture of that team in action, let people know there’s an opportunity to serve, and let them know how to sign up.
  3. Choose a tweet or quote that someone else posted on social media from this past weekend’s message.  Take a screenshot and share it on a different platform to cross promote.
  4. Ask your worship leader for their setlist for this weekend.  Post a youtube video of the newest song so your people are familiar with it when they come to service this weekend.
  5. Create a graphic that lists all of the scriptures that your pastor referenced last week, and add a title for “This week’s Study Guide” or “Weekly Bible Reading”.
  6. MIssionary-imagesShare a recent picture or Facebook post from a missionary. Ask viewers to take a moment and pray for their ministry.
  7. Refer people back to your online resources (podcast/website/video/blog)
  8. Make a graphic listing all of the things happening in a certain time frame: ‘Friday / Saturday / Sunday’ or ‘Coming Next Week’
  9. Post a recent blog post from your pastor or someone in leadership.
  10. Ask people what they’ve been learning from your current series, and post your series graphic.
  11. Have someone on your leadership team make a 1-minute selfie video talking about how they’re applying your current series to their life.
  12. Share a local or national news story that applies to your current theme or series. Remind your audience to pray in line with that topic.
  13. Promote an upcoming speaker.  Find a youtube video, or post an image of an upcoming guest speaker.
  14. Choose a small group in your church and talk about their next or past event.
  15. Ask your audience to leave a review of your church (Link them to Facebook, Yelp, Google, or other online directories.)
  16. Ask people how they heard about your church (Side note: this has been a great conversation starter for us.  People talk about how they first heard about us, tagged their friends which continued to grow the conversation.)
  17. Post last weekend’s announcement video, or if you do live announcements, make a selfie video talking about them.
  18. Hear a testimony about something great happening in someone’s life? Publish their story using text and pictures and encourage others who are believing for the same results.
  19. Ask people how you can pray for them.  When someone comments, be sure to let them know you’re praying.
  20. Grab a video of a Christian Comedian on youtube and post it to Facebook.  (Bonus points if the topic of conversation is in line with your current series topic.)
  21. Elevate-Kick-BallShare a post from one of the other social media channels in your church (kids/youth/small groups)
  22. Post the worship song list for this weekend coming up. Create a graphic of your auditorium with the list in it.
  23. Highlight a local business that is owned by someone in your church (restaurant, retail, and service industry work great because then others can choose to visit them.) Ask that person to share your post to their business page.
  24. Post a graphic that is shareable as an invite to church this weekend.  Use a quote in the image that includes a picture of your church and text geared to someone who hasn’t visited before “Would you like to check out my church this weekend?”
  25. Invite people to sign up for your email newsletter.  Add a link so they can click to sign up, and a screenshot of last week’s email so they know what to expect.
  26. Post a list of all of your small groups with a link to register.
  27. Dig up some old photos of when the church started, before the last renovation, the founding Pastor or a previous building before your current one and add a “Remember When” album.
  28. Create a graphic for a quote from last weekend’s message.
  29. Repurpose media that you’ve used elsewhere: Sermon bumper, a series trailer, worship video, graphics from the bulletin or worship lyric video.
  30. Take a picture of a volunteer and thank them for their contributions.
  31. Create a “Behind The Scenes” video or take pictures: Worship rehearsal, set design, kids department setting up their room, Pastor preparing this weekend’s message, youth service prep, etc.

Have a post idea that works well for you? Post it in the comments so we can all try it out!



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