We’ve all had those moments when we have a creative block.  You know there’s a graphic to create, a bulletin to design, a website layout just waiting to jump off the screen, but at the moment, you’re having a creative block.

It’s really easy at that moment to give up or give in to a distraction (did you know Amazon has daily deals in every department every day?).

Here are 5 ideas to get you past your creative block.  This is by no means an inclusive list, so comment at the bottom with what you’ve found working to turn your creative rut into a creative groove.

1. Change Your Surroundings

Go for a walk, go grab a coffee, work standing up or laying down (yes, I really do this). Go work at a coffee shop, or find a comfortable chair at the library.  Sit in someone else’s office (preferably if they’re not also in their office) or take a chair outside.

2. Try something understated

Whether you’re writing, designing a graphic, creating a video or just brainstorming, what’s the simplest way you could make this happen?  What if you removed all of your graphic elements except one, write about only 1 idea, storyline or character, or use only 1 camera angle.  The final product doesn’t have to be understated, but this could help your creativity get focussed on the project.

3. Bring in another person

The “first-reaction” method.  Hold your project in front of them, read a paragraph or ask for help on an idea.  “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see / hear / read / watch this?” Use that to gauge if you’re on target, and ask them what they think is coming next.

4. Scrap It

What would the project look like if you throw out everything you have and start blank? What it the one message you want to get across, and how can that be the focus?  Maybe it’s time to work on something else, set a timer and come back to this.

5. Change your medium

If you’re stuck on writing a blog post, make it a video. If you’re stuck writing a script, draw out a storyboard. If you’re stuck on making a video, make a teaser with snapchat, or instagram. If you are working on your computer, grab a pen and paper or if you’re working on a graphic, try writing out what impact you want the graphic to have, or record yourself describing it and listen back to it.


This is not an all-inclusive list, but some ideas to get you out of your creative rut.  What would you add to the list that has worked well for you?




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