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Use ChurchIpsum to generate hilarious cliche church text content to use as placeholder text when working on print or web projects for your church.  The cheesiness will be extra incentive for that person to get you the proper text content you’re looking for…


Theresa asks about the future of print and digital in your church.

We had Ryan Holck from to answer Theresa’s question. Here are some of his thoughts.

  • Different generations will best retain information in different ways – some in print and some in digital. Some people would miss content if print is entirely removed.
  • Use both as a tool to be redundant and get important information out in multiple ways.  Print can become a smaller dynamic, but during that process, be strategic with how you use it.
  • Use print as an introduction and point people for complete information to a digital resource (like your website).


How to transition some of your print to digital:

  • Use Email as an alternative to your church bulletin, and use email as a reinforcement for what you put in print.
  • Start by converting your print to a PDF and make a download link available.
  • Convert your PDF to a digital magazine format using a service like
  • Design an email with and print it for pickup as needed.

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