This week’s tool: Backup Buddy


Schedule and save your wordpress website backup to a secondary server (Backup Buddy subscription includes space on their own “Stash” storage server) and seemlessly duplicate or migrate your wordpress website from one domain to another.

Kyler asks about what questions to ask at a church communications interview.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask for clarification on any items that may be vague.  Words that are descriptive could mean something to you that means something different to them.  “Flexible hours” – Could mean I can work 30 hours this week and 50 hours next week, or could mean that I work 40 hours every week, but I get to choose if that’s mornings, evenings, weekends, work from home, etc.  Are the flexible hours my choice (I can set my own schedule) or are you meaning that at the beginning of each week, the employer will tell you which evenings and morning you’ll be working and the employee has to be flexible with their hours?
  • Why is now the time to fill this position? Is it the first time the position is open? Has someone been promoted?
  • Before your interview, secret shop the church, and bring some ideas to the interview.

Have a church communications question you’d like answered? Ask it here.  We’ll reply to all of them and pick a few for our podcast!

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