This week’s tool:

Unsplash is a growing library of “do whatever you want” photos from all over the world.  For a quick hit of inspiration, sign up for their email newsletter where they’ll send you 10 new photos from their library every 10 days.  This is one of our go-to resources on the fly to grab a photo to overlay a quote or a quick promo image with text.  Most of our blog post featured images are generated from Unsplash content!


Today’s question comes from Dan:

How do you decide if your church’s website content should be focussed on guests or on regulars?

A few thoughts:

  • Keep your home page content targeted to new guests, especially what they will see before they scroll.
  • New guests need to instantly get a sense of what your church is about and if they want to connect with you.
  • Use your subpages of your website for information your congregation needs: Upcoming events, registration forms, membership information, etc.
  • If possible, choose real photos of your church on your website over stock photos.
  • If you need to use stock photos, make sure they accurately represent what someone will experience when they visit your church.

Check out my ebook: TrustGlue: 11 ways to create a first impression that sticks and look for the section on making a first impression for new guests using your website.

From Brady Shearer at Pro Church Tools, here are 11 things your church website needs based on an eye-tracking study from new visitors. Read more…


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