Handling Incoming Church Promotion Requests

The interesting thing about being on the marketing or communications team at your church is that while the Kids team needs to know what’s happening in kids, and the worship team needs to know what’s happening with the music department, the reality is that the marketing team needs to know what’s happening EVERYWHERE at your church.

One of the best ways to moderate incoming event requests is to be sure that every time a communication comes in, that it’s got complete information.  We got tired of this:

…and we found out from connecting with other communications teams that we’re not alone.  Everyone is frustrated with a process like this, and if you happen to say “Yes” the request is going to get lost in your inbox, text messages or on that napkin you wrote it on while on the phone during lunch when someone “just thought of something for you to promote…”

(This frustration was closely following having to decide what to announce and what not to announce)

Our solution was to create a FREE tool for churches (Church Marketing Ideas Forms) to use that will allow you to receive an incoming event request including start and end time, description, title, location and smart fields. If an event requires registration, then the field will expand to include registration details.  If the event doesn’t require registration, then that field doesn’t appear making it as easy as possible to get your team to submit their event.

You get a unique web address just for your church that you can send people to every time they think of an event to promote.


Then you receive an email with all of the completed information.  They also get an email with that info so they can verify what they put in was correct:



When you’re ready to expand your team, we offer premium options (only $19/month) if you need more detailed incoming request forms or your team grows to include video, print requests and website edits all in a format that’s branded for your church:


Ready to get started? Click here to register for free!


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By Adam McLaughlin

Adam loves helping churches and businesses discover marketing ideas that are consistent with their values, loves coke slurpees from 7-11 and would love to speak at your conference or event!

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