This week’s Social Media tool:

Hootsuite is great for pre-scheduling posts for a specific date and time, but what if you have content that you want to automatically be re-posted? allows you to build a library, and determine when and where those posts are shared.

logo-blueThe content you’re looking for is ongoing content (sometimes called Evergreen content): A blog post from your Pastor about what it means to be baptized, a reminder to download your podcast, an invitation to sign up to join a volunteer team, or an image that people can share to invite their friends to service.  This type of content could be as relevant on a Monday in December as it is on a Thursday in April, or anywhere in between.

Build a library on this content, and RecurPost will put it on repeat at the frequency you choose – Let’s say you have 20 posts and you want to post once a day to twitter and once a week to Facebook.  After 20 days, twitter will start back at the first piece (while Facebook is still on it’s 3rd post).  If you add 3 new posts to the library, your daily twitter post would now only repeat every 23 days.

Your Recurpost free account will allow you to build a library of 100 posts, and connect up to 3 social networks.


Some ideas on how to communicate information across groups at your church:

• Create tools like print material and digital assets that can be used by your small group and team leaders as invitations.

• Place the information strategically around your campus where people who will be most interested in getting involved will see the information.



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